What’s the deal with ghosting. I used to be able to ghost for days and days by staying very low(under 20-30k) resources. But now it seems it doesn’t matter where my resources are at people can find me and raid me. Does anyone know anything about this? Just want an answer not a complaint.


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Do you revenge raid for raids against your faction mates?
Also do you only raid bots?


Good, ghosting is stupid and needs to stop. Hope this was a fix.


It isn’t lol :joy:

You are probably right as that would be a fix in the right direction.

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I hope it is gone too. Let all players be found and raided.


I agree. I bet there are people who will actually come on here and bitch about raiding the same people over and over again while they are ghosting themselves and don’t understand they are part of the problem.


It is not broken. I ghost all the time. Keep resources under 5k if not lower, and only raid bots.

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@Friday Don’t you think that turns raiding into a single player game rather than actually fighting peoples defense teams? I thought that was the whole point and it makes the game a bit more engaging. Take from our actual enemy right?

What I mean by single player is more PvE rather than PvP when raiding is supposed to be about PvP. Bots are not players but don’t get the wrong idea I do think bots are needed with how Raiding is currently setup. We should be facing more players than bots when it comes to raiding, do you agree?


I used to raid all the time and got so sick of it I wanted to quit. Ghosting has extended my time playing this game. As long as the game allows it I will continue to ghost.

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That is great but can you answer my questions please?

The game allows ghosting so I do it. The game gives the option to raid people or ghost. Each person can decide what they want to do.

@Friday Once again you didn’t answer my questions.

Raiding bots is more single player but I compete against others in the tournaments and war. I am often a top ten in SR and sometimes level up. I easily get 100k+ points in war.

The game gives options and each player can decide their own way.


10% of storage is the limit, can hold more than that as long as you do not go offline at all, but have noticed at times if I go out for a smoke and it switches from WiFi to cell data while I’m over can put me in the search, so maybe something like that happening for you?

I don’t agree. The game gives the option to raid bots or people.

@Friday So in Raiding you think we should have a roster of mainly bots to fight from vs a list of actual people which is interesting. I am not asking for the choice as that is irrelevant to my questions. Because if the majority of people are ghosting what does that leave you with? A very unsuccessful setup imo.

Would you be for something such as, not losing anything from raids but the rewards you get from a successful raid is based upon the team grade of the other person? Whether this be food/materials or something like Raid Tokens? As this would be able to display more defensive team comps from players and greatly remove the amount of bots.

I have provided my input on this subject. The game is the game. Have a great night.

Not much for critical thinking on this topic I see. Good night.