Getting worse I see


The game is going down. Players are leaving. 6*s are becoming more and more commonplace, and Scopely just seem to be ignoring all of the actual good ideas the community has and instead throw in more scams. Not going to leave just yet but if faction assault is trash I might just.


I have high hopes the faction assault will breathe new life into the game.

If its a flop then I fear it will be the final nail in the coffin for many.


Shane said that she played it in test version, and was fun, so I’ll take her word for it. It’ll start to get stale quickly though because players will eventually get tired of fighting the same bosses over again, and will beg for more bosses to fight. Also someone did say that Scopley would release Alpha and Beta toons at the last minute, when players are starting to leave the game. Now Faction Assault is their last tactic to bring people in. Lol


was on utube watching video after video of people deleting there toons and leaving.
very sad that it’s come to this.


Yeah there are many good players turning their backs now. I try to stay positive, as we had a bit of a renewal of interest in our region after it was opened again. But our top players are all playing less, especially with war match ups the way they are. We are getting a few more wars than we did when there were only two factions in our region… but not that many more. Its frustrating.


Well she kinda has to say that. It would look bad on the company if she told us it wasn’t fun.


There was a slow decline earlier in the year, but each new event or feature perked people up.

The 6* fiasco was when the massive downturn of long timer players started.

Why bother putting in hours and weekends of effort, to say nothing of hundreds or thousands of dollars if it all goes poof whenever $copley decides to get even greedier.