Getting war energy from attacking and fleeing towers


Was the best thing that has happened in war for a very very long time. It allowed factions to choose between having all of their players attempt to get towers or to try to get enough energy to not need to waste a can later. It was a break from the norm that forced strategy decisions and created more dynamic gameplay. I hope this continues to be the norm moving forward as opposed to being a one and done.

War needs changes and this is a very good one!


this was clearly a bug that was abused and not an intended change, lol.


I hope it gets patched ASAP personally. Having unlimited energy should never be open to anyone in war


Why did someone say something? YAYYYYY never again thanks


Sucks when u spent money and cans then found out there was a bug everyone was useing…when i found out I quit waring…


It’s not unlimited,can’t do it while someone is holding the towers.

I think that bug or not, it’s the best thing to happen to war in a long time.


Remember the bugged war that wasn’t dropping any cans at all? Consider it a wash now.


Not a fan. All it’s going to do is lead to more coining in crw. Patch it.


Not really helpful in our region


i have screens of people with 20/4 energy lol. this screws all the people who paid


That was a glitch bro lol they didn’t do that on purpose


How did it screw the people who paid ? They could of been doing it too


I mean seems like a stretch to keep a way of getting some extra energy but hey why not everything else in the game is ridiculously overpriced and low on qty so we’ll take it. Although i don’t think any regular region war is dynamic or strategic anymore lol


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