Getting Mesh error

Cant do anything in game without it popping up


Another day, another bug

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I’m getting the mesh error too.

Me 2, whats going on?

I’ve been getting it too. Can still play so far. I was waiting to see if anyone else was going to report it.

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Yup those 2 are alternating for me

Im getting them too. Messed up my attempt to make up for my bad arena score

Same here too

should blank out your account code buddy


Yep getting both of those. Still managing to play but it’s getting more and more frequent. I’ve messaged support.

We know what the mesh error looks like, but now we also know what your account code looks like.

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I removed it guys there…Iv never had problems with it tho…So idk

Kenny wouldn’t show his code… keeps it under his eye patch

Mesh error too

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I’m getting 2 errors

First this

Then a few secs later I get


Same here, and I’m trying to finish out SR Grrrrrrrrrrr

Never know who’s watching :wink::grimacing:


That’s what I am getting also

It’s not a bug… it’s a feature!

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Won’t be the new CM too busy opening then closing threads for laugh sowing the seeds of discord