Getting difficult to play the game

There’s desparate amount of shortages…gear,food, 2*, gloves n shirts…

We need trainers to LVL s class…more resource generation capability.

Once it gets to this LVL of shortages, it hard to even continue in the game.

Was excited to finally collect Laopo, but can’t even LVL due to lack of gear and trainers.


Getting is the wrong use of words.
You’re expecting this p2p game be played as a f2p. That’s not possible. Has not been since Shit Class was released.


They don’t care. I save my dupes and bennies up. I save 3-4* trainers up too. Food is one of the easier attainments. You have to learn to conserve your stuff. That’s one thing I’ve had to learn. Its hard I know. But its the only way a free to play can succeed. I play every tourney, event, war, rm, everything and save every thing up I earn.

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It’s still in a 4.5 star game economy. Tbh I think I’m being generous with the .5.


You forgot time.

There’s now so much to work through for daily rewards that it takes about an hour a day of fairly dedicated attention. Not a cool game mode when you need a well paid job to pay for anything in the shop.


An hour a day realy isnt that much. I cant see how anyone can complain about anything if thats all the time they put into a game that is known to be a grindfest.

An hour a day for the daily rewards is a grind fest in itself.

I didn’t say anything about how long I spend on the extras like collecting for teddy bears…


An hour a day is just the start…

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You have to save and use gear and resources carefully.

I have +12k each shirts and gloves that I cannot use because my roster is full.

Over 280 Benedict’s.

3800+ in 3 camps, one camp has over 950 on legendary training.

Over 500k in league store credit. Only use to stock gear as needed.

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People missing the point…they haven’t upgraded the game economy since the beginning.

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