Getting a new Ascendable Vs Focusing on your 6*


So I’m a bit stumped, I have 2 6* both at T3. As you imagine, I’ve got no T4 gear. The game is now offering Ascendable Wyatt. I’m thinking about skipping him and going all in on the gear to atleast get one t4 6*. Is this a mistake?


i will get wyatt nonetheless first, gear bottleneck will lift at some point but characters are always useful. Especially considering wyatt vs 3-4 pieces of gear which is not enough for even 1 character i ll definetly get wyatt 1st.


You are best off going for the gear


Personally I am going for gear, but I have enough for a full team of 6* already, that probably makes it more tempting for you to go for him as you only have 2. if your team is melee and you have a carl lead and shiva then he might be good.

he is an interesting character, but not one that is massively problematic to kill (none of them are really), if you have other 5* that can either be ascended now or once they start releasing them from that list then I would go for gear.


I tend to agree with you DreamWalker. If possible, I will go for Wyatt, since ascendable toons are pretty rare for an almost f2p player like me… the gear shortage should be dissapearing at one point. If I manage to sneak in a few bits of gear on top of Wyatt, that would be awesome of course :slight_smile:

I would have love to see one more collection trading in nuggets for ascendance medals… i would go crazy on that though…


Wyatt first without a doubt, IF it’s possible without spending.


I’d go for gear. Wyatt sounds good on paper but tbh, I haven’t really had the slightest bit of problem with him so far. Just more annoying. Take a look at JAB’s video and you’ll know what I mean.

If you find yourself losing to most teams because you have a lack of 6* then sure go for him. You got to take into account his weapon is binded so if you have a stun katana or ap down weapon, you can’t use it on him. So make sure you got the materials to craft his weapon or he’s really nothing more than an annoying punching bag


Gonna see how many nuggets I can acquire b4 deciding what to go for, if I can get enough for both I’ll do both, if not probably go for gear.

I run mainly ranged anyway, Wyatt would just be a tower toon for me.


Something else to consider is that Wyatt’s (6*) weapon is fixed. I’m wasting all my tape and kit failing non-fixed weapon upgrades, and the prospect of doing so on a weapon usable by 1 character makes him much less appealing to me.

I agree with the above remark: wait until the end and see how many you can acquire. Then decide what to do with them.


Difference between T4 and T3 is only stats. Run the right team and minor discrepancies in stats isn’t a big deal. Heck, I still use a maxed out T3 Prestige Michonne vs 6*s and it works because she has her purposes.


Wyatt first for me if it’s possible F2P - otherwise gear all the way. I think it will be doable as Carl led, Wyatt teams are gonna be eaten up by all the alert 6* that have come out in premier. Lord knows Scopely likes it’s whales to get their moneys worth.


Go for the gear if you like to raid. Go for Wyatt if you like a new shiny toy. We’llall Have 100 6*’s soon but I doubt many maxed.


Go for it. As cool as Wyatt is, you would have to level him up, and he has a nice rush, but he is no tier 4 6* Carl or 6* Abraham.


Definitely Wyatt he is a one time Chance at getting him free to play for this limited time. There will always be more chances at teir 4 gear like we had in past events(even though I know the struggle of even getting the teir 4 gear in the past which was a joke)this gear is not last call like this Wyatt would be.


Metal GEAR!


Focus on getting Wyatt, you will have other chances to get T4 gear in the near future but this may be your one and only chance at getting Wyatt for free without luck involved.


If you don’t have or don’t buy toons then I think Wyatt is the way to go.
Tier 4 is nice but it’s not a total game changer…

It won’t be like fighting 5* against 6*.

The items will become easy to obtain at some point.
Eventually the cycle will restart with 7*s if the game is still around.


I have around 5 other Characters ready to ascend but, they’re more useful for me at their max level Rush at 5* than their mediocre T1 6*. My team is ranged but I have Carl ready to ascend, along with Yellow Negan, he would fit in pretty nicely with them.


Thanks all, I’ll go for the Wyatt. He’ll just be chilling in my roster however. My main team is very typical and kind of boring, Mirabelle and Tyreese 6*, however I plan to add 6* Abraham next.