Getting a large drop chance leader now?

Can you still get Rosa and Kenny somehow anymore? According to the promises thread here:Upcoming Game Updates: Promises for the Future [Detailed Changelog]

It doesn’t list them as in the 5* ascension list anymore, and these were 2/3 of the large item drop leaders right? And now they’re unattainable?

Is there any reasonable way to get one of the item drop leads now? That thread seems to indicate the only way to get Kenny or Gator now is to wait for them to pop up in your supply depot. And Rosa is impossible to get. Is this right?

Rosa and Gator are still Ascendance. Rosa is just not listed because she’s not Ascendable

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I don’t think there’s a very big difference between medium and large, is there?

kenney is in depo. u can get him

You can get rose through ascending a 4star red she’s a large drop leader


cool, thanks everyone. But if Rosa isn’t listed b/c she’s not ascendable, why isn’t Gator (who is ascendable) listed in the 4 to 5 star ascension pool?

big difference in tokens I think

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