Getting 30 tokens unfair


Scopely please fix this. The leaderboard for cakes was messed up the entire two weeks like 1000 pwoples scores were carried over. This is not fair i should have been like 330 instead i was 1230 and only got 30 tokens. @JB.Scopely please look into this. Thanks!


Get on the grind my man. I blew 70+ cans to get into top 1000. Obviously not just for top 100, also involved Andrea map and raid tourney


Region where I logged in & played every day, competed in every tournament, hit (almost) every milestone, put up several hundred thousand points in war, hundreds of raids - 30 tokens
Region where I logged in once during a two week period - 30 tokens

I thought they were going to sort out the disparity with players who started this 2nd phase with their cake totals from phase 1 still in tact, but I guess not.


Same here, only got 30 tokens


I had characters with only 150 total cakes get 30 tokens. Seems buggy


I assumed they fixed the carry over because I easily lept from around 1500 to 800 before last weekend. Assume from the moaning then didn’t. Or Y’all just didn’t war/raid enough…


Activity or lack thereof is not the issue - for the first cake phase I was very comfortably in the 45 bracket for the entirety of the event. For the second I maintained the same if not a higher level of activity - currently sitting 3rd in my solo league. Yet someone in my faction who was part of the group with carryover cakes - who has fewer league trophies and didn’t buy cakes either - got a higher amount. They fucked it up.


I was easily within rank 1000 (45 tokens) during the first half of the cake event. Played just as hard during the 2nd half but I didn’t budge from rank 1500 (30 tokens) despite trying. The 2nd half of the event started with a chunk of the playerbase’s cake totals carrying over and I was never able to catch up.

I thought with transfers being paused for a few days while Scopley reviewed matters, this issue would be sorted out. Clearly that didn’t happen.


Did anyone expect anything else to happen? Just look at their track record. This happens every single time with every single event.


Firstly, using the first round as a basis is kind of flawed, the cakes dropped in raids and some people went hell to leather for that Andrea map (just see the other threads bitching about that).

However, my point was that I recall leaping quite high up the rankings for no particular reason. I presumed this was down to Scopely actually solving the issue, but maybe it was either me getting a lot of cakes from various avenues or I am just plain mistaken, and the issue was never fixed.

But as someone who got less than 70k total across war, 2,700 in raid tournament and cruised in to 945 (currently also 10th in my solo league) with no cake carry over, you can see why it wouldn’t surprise me there were many who went harder and had more cakes on activity alone.


400k in war, 3200 raids, 1st in my solo league and was around 700th in cake table


Then that quite firmly suggests I’m wrong that it was fixed


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