Gettin a bit desperate for people to join SC? Lol

So just popped into another region to wish some old friends a happy holidays and got these… I’m not even in SC… lol.

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I mean I’ll never level any of them at all so miracle may be a bit strong a word… but it’s funny at the very least.

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Doesnt that make you want to buy SC so bad! You have 4 andreas in an alt region you dont even play and would take years to max them all out but BUY NOW! Here is an offer for a yellow 4* weapon for only $99.99, comes with duct tape and a burt cause burt helps you craft, BUY NOW! :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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Lol (full sentence)

SC Andrea gate bug…

LMAO. 7 chars

I looked thinking someone wanted to play SC=Starcraft.

Then got depressed cause it’s about this non f2p shield lame club.

Thanks for the bait.

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