Get Your Faction Ready, Leagues Are Coming!


Yes, that should do it.


Is your defence team s4 or are you using your strongest team? If s4 try setting to the s8 team, do a raid and then switch back


I’m good now. Getting S8++ multiplier now. Thanks!


You guys really didn’t think things through again as usual.

Increase the number of wood bots give to 100k if 95% of all searches will now result in bots because of leagues.

I went from 600k wood on 6 raids to 150k because it’s now nothing but wall to wall bots. How are we supposed to generate scraps from this? Since it costs like 50k just to max one gold mod.

Also thanks for making territories even worse by giving out trophies and not even bothering to fix the nonstop crashes.


there should have been a transfer whole faction ption


Sorry if someone already asked this…is the season currency for the new league store going to carry over or reset each season?


Question. After season one of leagues is over will there be another seeding event?


The seeding event may not be there. I think JB said that its not 100% sure if we will have seeding again. But am not sure if we received any further information on this @ModernSpartan … I have seen JB confirm that the unused currency will carry to the next season @Vegaseye


Thanks for the info