Get Your Faction Ready, Leagues Are Coming!


It’s here iOS update , cheers


Looks the same after the update haha what’s new ?


There’s nothing new in the look. Only when league’s go live will things be different


Dunno why I was that excited to see a new button slash animation , haha maybe just excited for something new in the game


I was the same when I joined beta. So I know what you mean :slight_smile:


Estimated ETA til rollout?


WTH is this @JB.Scopely?

This happened on the 2nd to last stage on the Davie roadmap after the update.


That’s an oof


It just shows the resources you got in level and what you will lost when giving up.


i guess no wars for IOS users ? Nicely done scopely!!


And before some smart a$$ start blabbering my internet connection is working fine


Most of my Faction mates on iOS have already downloaded the update


I’m on iOS. Works fine.


I have android and still see no update. I’ve bbeen told android uupdate has been released but I’ve checked everywhere and no update. Is it me or are they still working on getting the update out on android as well or am i doing something wrong


Try force stopping your app market.


You can now unlink your FB account, so that’s new


My google play app?


Is it one of those things I convinced myself was real and was never a thing or is tapping to make the raid rewards after a win go faster not working?


No you’re right. Its painful now


New to forums. Not sure where to report bugs or concerns. So I’m just dropping this here…my team grade is S8++, but am only getting S4 trophy multiplier. What’s wrong with this?