Get Your Faction Ready, Leagues Are Coming!


Is there a “latest release time” that would mean seeding starts during war? Or can we shift people around for the weekend without affecting seeding?



Still waiting!


Any chance Scopely makes the call to let war progress without seeding regardless of apple?


We’re hopeful for the iOS to land anytime now, and the Leagues should start right after.

I’m preparing a round up thread about the update and leagues planned schedule, where you’ll be able to browse through all the details in a while.


First time players WANT updase so much.


Like today?


I JB Apple announced that iOS 12 will only drop on Monday 17th at noon


I am assuming that the app update doesn’t have to wait till the new IOS version is out… and really hope that’s the case. So we have no issue with the rollout.


round up thread ready? @JB.Scopely


Apple needs to get their :poop: together lol


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Complete sentence.


Yeah there is and soon as it’s released it will postpone war :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Update might be out at either noon or like an hour b4 wars is my guess


No update yet in IOS country at least for me :frowning:


I can see update right before war. Then war canceled due to issues with update.


Yep that’s about how it’s going to go scopely deflecting blaming it on somebody else as usual


update is out now on IOS @JB.Scopely

Updated but Still No Leagues showing

Seems so! :star_struck:

We’re polishing the last few bits and pieces before I push the big thread with all details. Thanks for bearing with me.


Complete with a 341.2MB in game download after the initial app store update :neutral_face: