Get Your Faction Ready, Leagues Are Coming!


To be fair being able to see the leaderboard isn’t much better.


Will the update work on kindle fire?


I guess it will as usually the updates are sent through to all devices


Will there be a break between league seasons so players can transfer factions or regions without losing league throphies?


of course there is


Who cares this game is almost done


So, where is it??


Good day, when will we hear the news about the upcoming update and when to expect it?


Espero que isso de mais uma animada, de uns tempos pra cá vem melhorando mais o jogo, mais chances de personagens, rotas de história etc, parabéns ao pessoal, e espero que a liga seja empolgante.


Its here…but not? No leagues.


Leagues won’t be live the moment you receive the update. I believe the seeding part of the league’s will start once the update has been completely rolled out. So if it’s out this week won’t expect seeding to start till next week


I love me some war but if this rolls out to everyone I can see war being cancelled this weekend, happens everytime an update rolls out.

I’m ok with this weekend being cancelled for war because the split blitz style war is trash.


For sure why not do the update Monday


Atleast it’s out before my Thursday prediction so I think whatever issues are there… war should go ahead as planned… But you never know


We’re on the starting block, but actually pending on Apple approving the update before we can press the big red button.

We’ll publish additional information when everything is ready to roll!


Finaly some informacion.thanks

(whare is legancy andrea? on VACacion?)


Did they already release the 14.0 update?


Not iOS


Apple so lame :unamused: They take forever to approve new updates :pensive:


Nothing wrong with having a close look into new updates in my humble opinion.