Get Your Faction Ready, Leagues Are Coming!

The upcoming 14.0 update, featuring Leagues, is currently in the hands of our valiant Beta Testers and will soon be launching globally to all players. We are targeting mid next week (week of Sept 10) for release (subject to change). If you missed out on what Leagues are, you can catch up and get a preview here.

Once Leagues launch, an initial seeding event will run that will place individuals and factions into the different leagues based on their performance during the seeding event. This means that you’ll probably want to be on the region and in the Faction that you prefer before the seeding event begins. If you plan on transferring to a new region or joining a new faction any time soon, we recommend you do it before the league’s seeding event begins (exact day/time will be announced week of Sept 10).

You can still move regions and factions during and after the seeding event (subject to normal faction event locking rules), but be aware that faction trophies (points) earned during the seeding event (or any season) will not transfer over to a new faction or region if you change faction or region during leagues. Your solo league progress and seeding will be unaffected by any region transfer.

We are not running faction tournaments in the early part of next week to ensure players can move factions and regions to prepare for leagues.


Meh hope there no bugs


thank you!


So I can finally play on my main phone after accidentally updating to beta? Yay lmao. Also this is a good update!!!

What is the faction trophy loss nonsense?

Is this a new currency or just a placement score for the faction?

Disregard. Gavin set me straight.

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Awesome…let’s make sure we keep pushing these updates during the week of wars to screw over the beta players when glitches appear…Awesome idea :+1:


I’m a beta tester, is this the same update the blocked me from logging on? Please help us:)

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Read the post about the new update and you will know what it is. Basically your right… it’s points for your activity in the game. Faction trophies help your Faction move higher up and solo trophies for yourself. Based on that you will earn rewards after the season is concluded. A season runs 8 weeks as far as I remember. Beta had 6 star toons in as rewards from the store based on the points you earned in the season but guess it may not be the same when it’s live but we could be getting some toons. Fingers crossed for actual implementation

The rewards are the currency that you can purchase stuff from the new stores introduced with this update… I missed that

Thanks to Gavin it’s better understood.

No the player trophies and individual trophies are separate so even if a player changes mid season it shouldn’t impact the Faction. Example when a player wins a raid he’s gets 20 Faction trophies and 20 individual ones. So if he leaves the Faction still has earned its trophies. This is all based on my experience with Beta btw @Wanderer

Thanks. I’m happy to hear it’s not the way I interpreted it.

Guess the tracking is similar to faction tournaments where they roll into non faction member pts if you leave.

Thanks Gavin!


@JB.Scopely can you suggest delaying this until after the anniversary event is finished. My faction is in a dead region but we are delaying until after the event because of the issues of missing candles and cakes.

This is just forcing our hand.

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YEAAAHH finally we have leagues

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Is the leaderboard for this going to be visible to everyone or will it be like the cake/candle leaderboard which won’t load for some players?

Kinda hard to track your progress when this is all you can ever see.


@jb.scopely is this update fixing the content 2 error?

Many of us are wondering if the blank screen will be our fate - this is an old problem that was never fixed.

So u going to let all swap region as in Barbour we stuck no key and can’t swap it also 4 active factions so will we b able to move