Get your brutus out

I wasn’t talking to you

Has this been confirmed? I figured it had to be extra tokens for spenders, but wasn’t sure.

Ah, I see it now

Yes, they confirmed it on Discord.

Yeah :joy: thought this too

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he might have spent on a free to obtain character but he will also be able to buy another in the marketplace. maybe a toon he didnt get like Dylan 1st time around or a duplicate like the Doc etc

Yes buddy. We know you already bought Brutus as well.

The funny thing is Brutus actually is free if you complete everything. Ive already done the math on my end and I will definitely have him before the event is over.

I havent got him yet … i think im 28/29 tokens deep.

i bought the 225 coin bags at the very beginning about 6 or more goes, then they stopped releasing them as the tokens drop was really good.

No cash spent for me

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E su quali basi hai fatto i conti??? Non si sa ancora quali saranno le prossime possibilità di ottenere gettoni. Fatto salvo che tu non abbia shoppato ed allora non lo si potrebbe considerare free

To me, the funny thing is that people assume other players are spending to get Brutus a few weeks earlier, when in reality they’re usually spending because they want Brutus AND cards from the event.

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What should I be at in terms of bear paws? Not spent an not bought extra hives… as far as aware I’ve hit all current targets

How many paws does folks in similar position have

Currently have 17 bear paws

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Only 16 paws here - have hit everything possible regarding milestones so far including the quill paw, aftermath, arenas hives etc. Finished up to act 3 on the third map as that’s as many as the hives will allow so far (I think)

@LadyGeek given how much you’d have to spend to have Brutus at this point of the event, I’d say it’s a safe bet that those players already have each of those toons, and most likely spent to get them too


Cards? From the Honey shop tab? All of those cards are meh at best. Lillie, willie, Steve, aaron And Dylan aren’t game changers at all. There is absolutely nothing else in that Honey shop besides Brutus that I could see people going nuts over🤣

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I did a 10 pull for Andrea and the prestige points didn’t count, maybe vip points are something else?

Edit for clarity - I bought the coins to do the pull, got the prestige points but didn’t count for the mission, still at 0.

I can see that but honestly, those are some very bizarre cards to be spending money on. Feels a lot more likely that they wanted Brutus early.

Only 5 paw left . I am a :100:% f2p so the legend is true
Brutus is a f2p toon

Edit : When I said only 5 left I counted the guaranteed 8 from login event. I don’t have 35 exactly but I have 27 (8 will come eventually) .
For me that means any 5 extra from a new source will give me Brutus.

And yes I got the ones from the new event that started yesterday.

19 here so far

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Yep same :+1:

If you have 35 paws you bought a lot of em just sayin

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