Get to da Choppa needs YOU

We are the original Get to da choppa. We are in Forsyth and only have half of a faction, due to mutiny. We have a lot of history and tradition. Since transfers are open, join us. We have Chaos Theory leading the way, and great people here in Forsyth. Join us! Look for Mali, she’ll hook u up.


This really is a nice group of people. They have good players and the ones that are there are loyal. They are zero drama and worth checking out if you are looking for a good place to play.


Out of curiosity, how many players in there have been suspended / bänned the last time before ToC?

We had 2… Faction split after WOC and we are rebuilding it needed to happen…We are a strong Faction with awesome peeps:)


Are you looking to restructure protocol? Are you ready for the revival? Choppa4eva

Of course change protocol…to have fun:) I love the game and want people who love it as well…We are already reviving. Everyone is helping as we restructure. Amazing team efforts…Choppa4life:)

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