Get rid of the cap on those trainers pls!

Unless they changed it they said the trainers would only sit in the inbox for a week then POOF!

This cap is BS pure and simple. This update helps no one but scipley.

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This was why I assumed they’ve put a cap on it. I do think we need limits to stop things getting too crazy. They just maybe need to look at whether the current limit can be reasonably extended.

People shouldn’t have to lose trainers just because they’ve hit their limit. It should become standard practice for Scopely to put trainers they give as rewards in crates so that people can store them separately in their inventory.

It just always seems like not enough thought goes into the changes they make, or that they don’t play their own game so they just don’t understand what matters to their players.


More 2 months but I averaged it. I have 17 S-Class, they’ve been out 11 months. 8-10 weeks for a museum collection, depending on events, but then event S Classes can drop in there too

So, initially, I wanted to say that the 500 caps on trainers (old ones) is okay. 200 cap on active/rush trainers also seemed okay. I only wanted to harp at the 2* trainer cap, that feels too low - I filled it immediately and can’t convert more… I don’t want to burn through them outside a good window (level up running and havjng bith XP boost territories) and not getting any BOs dropping from the maps is a severe punishment…

Now, after reading this thread I have following additional observations:

  • original trainers should be possible to merge with food equal to XP (2× Burts will make 1 Brady… if you add 3k food) and split (1 Benny would make 2 Basils… but no food gained) - this should address the inventory management issues for hoarders. After all, some caps are necessary for proper resource management
  • the active/rush trainers shouldn’t be capped at 200 (why not 500 as the other ones?), since players close or over the cap will lose the resources, but now using these resources is either impossible (if you don’t have the non-maxed 6*), or total waste (if you don’t intend to use the toon/sacrifice it in Sclass exchange) as they no longer give 1.5k XP, dammit!
  • the new generic trainers cap should be increased to 500 (at least for the BOs) or introduce the option to merge them into a higher trainer (minor XP loss acceptable), such as 7 Bos making a Brady (10 XP lost)…

to be fair though, the limit is at 200, that’s 22 toons with maxed AR and 28 maxed AS. No one will ever suddenly get enough toons they really want to use to get close to that number. At that point, there’s no reason to not use some of them. And I say that as a huge hoarder

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I’ll just make sure i horde 2* in the training grounds and make sure at the end of level ups the trainers are as empty as possible. Life is like a constant level up anyway lol

Well, got the point you make… But considering you could suddenly go casual for a couple months, you’d be no longer getting any. Then the supply might dry up and you would be “short” on those that you could have earned while super-dedicated…

The major pain point here is that none of these trainers is giving the 1.5k XP any more. So actually using your trainers just to free up the trainer slot is pointless… if you could use them to free up the slot AND get 150k XP, that would be worth the struggle…

I’m calling it now…Scopley will introduce Trainer Cap Increases as micro transactions…may Lord Kenny save us all.

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Rly can not understand why ppl hoard thousand of Trainers? Guess you guys not even Hit last 3.0m ms every faction lvl up? So selfish… :man_facepalming:t4: You cycle whole Game all days with 10 maxed Toons or what? The Cap is still enough just lvl your Chars!! Most Player i knew got 3 attack minimum. Melee, Range and Turn1 Off then they got 3 Defs minimum. If you hoard all till “the right Char” to use it comes you could use the Trainers at 10 Chars a row. That’s So prepper style.
These LU you can get Aces for ur royal Flushes to claim Lilly. Is she is it not worth to aim for top 10? What rewards you’ll talking about that if would be worth to use them? And when you think these Kind of Rewards are coming in the future if you’ll know how scope screws up the rewards?? Ridicoules really… The cap limit is okay!!

The real question is why you are so angry about how people play their game?


Okay, i’m somehow demotivated now ahahaha i mean i thought 27 basils and 12 benes were good ahahha how naive i was!

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