Get rid of territory pop ups already

Seriously the most annoying part of the game. The sad part is it will take 9months to a year for it to actually be removed…


If ever. I’m 100% sure they won’t change this because they know just how much we all hate them.

Still waiting for the chat to default to faction.

Still waiting to be able to buy more than 100k in food at a time.

Still waiting for them to figure out how to get territories to stop crashing.

Guess what. We are all going to be waiting for a very long time. No profit in any of these.


Still waiting for a 2019 Ascendable List even though one toon has already been released

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I would bet $100 bucks they don’t even have a clue as to which ones they are going to ascend. At least not fully.

I think there was a Donny tbd floating around out there. Could be ascendable or could be a “new” one like they have done on occasion. So hold onto him for now if you have him.


Spot on. I hate these popups with a passion.

Generally get about 5 when I log on then crash…

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@JB.Scopely’s silence on this just means we can all suck it and move on :smiley:

Drives me mad.


Those territory pop ups drive me to violence. Especially if the faction is particularly active and there is a big time gap between log ins. There HAS to be a way to disable those pop ups…

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Yes thank you. It’s like trying to talk but someone hushing you. Wanted to make a post about it but I’m too lazy.

they’re trying to figure out how to include removing those popups into the survivor club’s benefits.

Please dont give them an idea with $ attached to it… They’ll try to monetize it.

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Had 19 messages regarding territories pop up when I first logged in this morning… good times. There is nothing better than Scopely Spam!

No profits, no game. We need to find a middle ground where the game remains profitable yet offers actual value for the players.


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Now I would buy that in a heartbeat. May the Schwartz be with you. :stuck_out_tongue:


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sure they will update it but after 100 of new 6* promo recruits

I would take a ton of those promo and bundle offers all day long if they would just stop the territory ones for now. Gotta start somewhere and hitting X once instead of waiting on 30 territory popups is way better.

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