Get rid of scav missions

Delete the buildings from the game all together. You can fix you got lucky mission or update it in the code for more xp a run. Then just simply delete the building.

Now with that said. Theres a trainer problem. I need to level toons. Almost 24 hours now into level up event and i am still waiting for the $25 usd offer for trainers. Whays the deal scopeplay. You trying to get rid of players and spenders too?

Fix something. And fix it right now ! Im growing old

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You did not fix by adding another $99 dollar trainer offer. Now i have two of those. I am not a full blown whale here. I am only 1/4 whale.

I suggest going on their discord group for help

Oh well, a weekend shift will give you the needed moola for these shiny offers. :wink: Just kidding. Don’t get me wrong, but think about to invest your money rather for console or computer games instead of this. You can still sell the games afterwards when no longer needed. Better ROI then this nightmare.

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I didn’t get any 100k xp missions in 2 months now

I hear you all. But mostly my point is , we all need to level… For me leveling is fun and interesting. Leading to building a better team for war reasons. Now thats the hype…war. Scope is not keeping up with the times. Just unloading newer toons. Some i have.and some i dont. We all are picky on who we choose to get grab and pull for.

Now since they are not smart enough to hire a coder to look into the ygl mission to recode it for simple xp. They are still not giving us a way to always purchase trainers. Just have that promo always there or something. For younger players and more experienced players. 2 different promos. Always purchaseable.

Also it is very simple to change any coding in any program for certain things in a game. Wether it being html,php, or any. I taught myself code a long time ago.
They can hire someone to change a few lines of code to update the now sclass needed times of xp needed.

I agree if scopes isn’t smart enough to fix their scavenger missions then do away with them.
A lot of players have an incredible advantage during level ups.
And if they think Pam was an advantage then wtf

No, that’s a retarded idea.
Taking away YGL from everyone is not a solution.


I did not even notice that part somehow

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Yeah the intuitive solution is simply just erase scavenger camps from history and create a new version of it that they can actually update and change. But, again, that would require intuition and they would monetize it even more: 1,000 coins to refresh missions, running a mission takes 100 gold, etc

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