Get rid of raid shields

Just saying get rid of them people attack you you should be able to attack them

Go to bed with 72k rep and wake up with 72 rep lol


Buy all s class toons and wont need one :wink:

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Just leave ya supplies (woods/foods) less. There problem solved :+1:

Running a S13++ team but my def team is C ;), I love my region🤗 Ps a disarm will help you

2 shields will be available to all from supply depot when latest update goes live Tuesday ish

at cost of 700k fully upgraded

True way to expensive for the players that actually need/want them☹️

no one will be

toon 300k

24 bags is 528k
14 muittools 490k

Geez so most won’t get them anyway, I have the toons and 500k but still I’m nit the target audience, typical Scopes bull☹️

I had our office Christmas party on Friday (the weird timing will probably balance out when Scopely start their Christmas event in mid-July next year) and as I managed to dodge every inappropriate thing which could have happened in an ill-judged drunken moment (including my nearly 20 year old assistant reassuring me could « definitely handle » a 30 something woman (me) and « all I had to do was ask »), my brain went somewhere else when reading your comment. :joy:


Lol let me spell it out not shields in someone’s team the fact that people raid you and you can’t raid them because they are shielded
Makes no sense

69 rep.

Reps are futile bs, should be made redeemable to SD points or something

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