Get rid of coin traps

Ex. the screen you get when you go to upgrade a character but you don’t have enough food storage. You are offered a one-click option to coin up your food store at a ridiculous exchange rate (something like 150 coins for 100k food). If you should happen to accidentally click this option your hard-earned coins are immediately gone and your support guys will just point and laugh at you like Nelson on the Simpsons. “You are responsible for your clicks” yet YOU guys have made a screen that makes it really easy to rip off your users who just happen to get distracted at the exact wrong time.

I have done this twice by accident and I am strongly considering quitting the game out of principle based on how your support has treated me in response. Literally no one would ever ever want to push yes on that screen, especially when you have 200K gear tokens and dozens of food bags in general inventory. You have a completely asymmetric and obscure economy but your player base accepts that - there is no reason for parlor tricks and I am sure I’m not the only one to be caught at stuff like this.


Maybe don’t rage click for next times? :thinking:


Lol, I wasn’t mad until I had to deal with support. Thanks tho.

The buttons on the screen in question are literally less than 2mm apart.

i can see that happening to me too, but i didn`t have enough coins everytime that option appeared. and you should know by now that support is useless most of the time

No thank you. I like traps.

you must love this screen then… 864 coins will get you a cool 600k food topup. Never mind theres an offer for 200k at 25 coins in your offers that I could have used had I really needed to coin up my food stores.


This is known as Dark Design. It is very unethical but hey it’s Scopely.


I don’t think you understood what I meant.

I feel you. I have spent coins to buy roster space on 2 occasions and I have spent coin 3 times buying wood cause I ran out of mod scraps and it asked for a top up.

For the roster space I got zero help from support. I learned if anything goes wrong, to just accept my dry pounding and don’t bother to speak up.


That it’s baked into almost every single aspect of the game says something. Start looking for it and it’ll shock you (maybe not anymore)

Git good

I may have a new favourite


I agree with this 100%. I’ve fallen for a couple before, but the worse was yesterday while taking my phone out of my pocket (it has fingerprint unlock) I managed to click refresh SR depot and lost 400 coins. I’ve lost more, before, but generally smaller amounts.

My son once collected a scavenge mission costing me 1300 coins, support not interested as per

but it says “best value!”


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