Get Piper without doing Whispers path or getting much Faction Help


Please check my maths, but I think this would work with a lot of grinding and a little work. You just dont get to collect all those Bene’s

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Awesome guide! Thanks for putting all of this together! Mind if I share your work with my faction?

Wow awesome! You are the goat! :goat: i will skip piper tho and go for the crates as i have zero use for piper but seriously awesome maths dood!

Awesome job. Players have to pick between supreme crates and piper. I think most have done the supreme crate roadmaps unfortunately. The firs toevel of each faction mission should be easily attainable as well. Great job.

Good job! I also saw this and didn’t go for bags. Will see last week how far my faction will go with the missions. Cheers!

I prefer the trainers but thanks anyway

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I was lucky enough to get 20k from one of the bags. I’ll take that over piper any day.


Why bother with piper when “s-class” amber is coming?


where were you before?

Your only downfall is the Hordes.

Many have called it before me, but if we get an event (which is still doubtful) it’ll likely be one, and short, making 132 impossible.

Also note the other milestones are for 80 and 100 so you’ve gotta go big to get anything at all

Rather have those bene’s please

132 would be fairly easy especially if fleeing counts. I’m sitting on 10 refills and have only bought two from the shop.

Ahh yeah true. But it would be asshole design on Scopley’s part if the only way we can succeed is by wasting energy for zero benefit.

Actually, the more I think about it. It fits.


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