Get Me a Video of the "Taunt Bug"

Hey everyone Link here,

As many of you know I recently took up the role of “live ops quality assurance” and in simple terms - I am looking for bugs. One ‘bug’ that has been brought up too many times to count is “Pete rushing when taunted”. I have not been able to recreate this (yet). I have not seen a video of it (yet). If someone can get me a video of it, it I can help get it fixed / handled.

Potential reasons to Pete rushing when taunted:

  • he is focused which would allow him to ignore the effects of taunt and confuse (attack around human shields) for the duration of the focus
  • he is cleansing himself of taunt (cleanse weapon 4th slot)
  • another toon is cleansing him of taunt
  • you are overriding a 3 turn taunt with a 1 turn taunt (like Dr. Stevens) and he is naturally recovering early
  • your taunt toon is being killed before Pete rushes
  • he is bugged

may have missed something but tried not to. Anyway let me know please and thanks. I will also be keeping my eyes open


Hey, something not related to the pete bug but it’s still a bug I’ve shown it to Taytron on Discord and I’m gonna give him the benefit of the doubt that it got lost with everyone posting stuff there but since you’re looking for bugs here it is :

6* Matteo Doesn’t apply the infection part of his active skill when there’s only one toon left alive also if there’s 2 toons alive he will only infect one of them ( his active is infection for 2) i have a video of both situations if you like


got a video and reported this, this a.m. actually
issue i found is that he wont infect the toon he targets as a 6*

  • basically if there are 2 or fewer toons left, you wont be able to infect one of them

Thank you for bringing this to my attention though all the same :slight_smile:


Something unique about him though is that his infection won’t apply twice on the same toon if not resisted of course when you don’t actually select a toon to infect

do you mean if you’re running 2 6*? and the infection won’t overlap?

I tested it with 2 6* and Daiyu , I infect first with Daiyu then the Matteos and their infection won’t overlap at all if you don’t target a toon before you use his active not even with Daiyu infection

If you select a target it does overlap though

I will check this out a bit tomorrow - need to request some toons on my playtest account to see this interaction. I know that a higher % infection will overlap on a toon or maybe that was turn duration - but I’ve added it to my list to check - thanks again and feel free to post about anything else you find. I enjoy getting to the bottom of things

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Seems to happen on auto… If that helps

not much - too many variables - looking for toons, weapons, mods, visuals, roadmap, world map, raids

if it is bugged so many things could influence it so narrowing down the circumstances is huge

Here’s bug You can fix:

I get killed by everyone. Please fix this.


defence everyone dies - for attack post your roster


So *6 Mateo active skill don’t allow you to choose not even one enemy to be infected, it is suppose to be a random choice or that’s bug as well??

6* Mateo can infect, but he will not infect the “targeted” enemy. Not sure about the intention, I doubt it’s a random choice tbh but we shall see.

Mateo is bugged but this isn’t why.

If there is only 1 enemy toon alive, he cannot infect anyone. You use his active skill and nothing happens. Very easy to reproduce.
If there are 2 enemy toons alive and one is infected, his active skill does not work.
Very annoying for Onslaught.

This is with the 6* version

Also, you can’t target his active… It goes to 2 random people

again I have reported it with video and my own description - it’ll be looked into.
Thanks for the help

How is there not a single clip or video out there showing this supposed “bug.” A little odd for people seeing it so often and yet there is zero evidence, amirite?

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Because you cannot simply sit in front of your phone all day long with a hopeful outlook to record it. This happens to alot of players yet not every damn time when you raid or battle in war / yawnslaught.

Set your phone on record when you attack a Pete team. Check the weapons. It’s that simple buddy.

That’s not what you have to do. You’re just talking out of your ass to be a dick.

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Don’t they have log files / background data about raids and actions which happened in-game to a specific account and time?