Get John and Maggie

Is it possible to get John and Maggie then as u can get a second chemistry flask from scavenger crate

Can’t see why if u are lucky with your pull up can’t do both am I missing something?

Going to have to pay for test tubes, so naturally scopely wants $$$$

Yet I’m not planning 2 but a faction mate badly wants both was trying to get a definite answer for them I’m not buying test tubes screw that lol

1 pull, bought some test tubes, lvl milestones should give me the rest I need


Nice congrats!

One is bad enough, don’t see the need for both of them :wink::wink:

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I would assume it is possible to get both if you acquire a second flask.

All about the weapons

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Paying coins for a chance at the beaker and then test tubes to get a weapon you can craft?

I didn’t say it was sensible, just that it wasn’t all about the characters.

And being able to craft something and actually crafting something are two different things. Took me well over two years to get my first AP down


I have like 10 stuns and only one AP down. I crafted it before I got Koa so it has AP on it instead of HP :frowning:

Absolute Defence and Stun on Defence have been easy for me. Impair and AP down took me years - first impair came on Lee’s shotgun during TT event and first AP down came just after Solange was announced. Both of those I got the second in quick succession and nada since

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