Get a free second weapon?


Another one of these “free gifts” has just shown up for me. Anybody tried their luck yet?


All those are shit so I doubt I’ll be buying it… would like to know what the freebie is though. Oh and swap out to glue and paint for dt & pk and you might sell a few


A few…

Not a good deal at all.

Unless they surprise with a 4* impair/Stun…as the 2nd Weapon.
But I’m no gambling on the chance.


I need more spary paint than pk
Tbh this is cheap for scopley
Remeber they did this for ricks stun gun and it was like 99$ soooo… Yeah
Still need a offer like jerimiah again


I’m pretty set on weapons but if I were spending again and needed a decent weapon, I’d buy this offer honestly. The slow rate of making existing 5stars ascendable is really the only thing holding me back from spending again. Tempting but holding my ground…


Imagine getting Viktors hammer though…?

It’s the dodgy one.
They released a revive one too.

I’d spend more if I wasn’t skint and also if there was more info on progress.
Plans and such.

Atm slow progress and my region is really struggling atm.


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