Get 3 bags and then a bonus offer!


Is there anyone still there who had no bonus offer pop up??? This is bs. We shouldn’t let this go away on its own but we do know scopely logic…



Players eligible to the bonus offer have been compensated with the bonus offer content, if they failed to receive it organically in the game.

Please do approach our support to investigate further. They will compensate you accordingly.

Many thanks.


I didn’t get compensated and I got the offers so


support is not useful tho


I did not receive anything bud


With 6 hours left nd year three tokens on the line what’s gonna happen if they don’t compensate us


Your support page doesn’t even work I hit submit and nothing happens


I did not received the bonus offer content, reached out to support, and still nothing. Here’s a screenshot proving i bought all 3


I have a screen shot as well and have contacted support multiple times already


Idk why we have to pull tooth and nail to get something we paid for


The time is counting down @JB.Scopely like the tokens will be useless soon maybe that’s their plan


I reached out in game, sent them an email through their support page and included my account code and a screenshot of my account code. Still waiting. I’ll update forums if anything pops up


My ticket won’t even go through lol @JB.Scopely can you put one in for me? Be a pal.


Alternatively you can reach them out directly via the game itself.

I cannot be the one writing on your behalf, sadly.


Haha thanks for the honesty I appreciate it!


to contact support through the game i had to change the language of my phone to english…


You guys do realize the last offer is a bag u have to buy for 29.99 USD right? It didn’t say anywhere on there that you would get it for free. I fell for it, vaguely worded. But alas, that’s what I get for assuming, and to boot I got the stupid yellow weapon. Scopely again reminding me that even if u think the odds are in your favor, they aren’t. PS, the bag shows under the offer section, not featured.


Don’t even have this offer.

Because you know. I’m shit right?

Why is is so hard to get things We want?

It’s like, Give us all your money and here’s a homeless shelter for your effort.


2 hours left and still nothing


No word from scopely no word from jb :unamused: