German Translation on Weapons & weapons change AFTER receiving

This is not just a typo, but HUGE. As the effects contradict each other and are VERY different.
One photo is of the shortcut description, one from the zoomed in view. One triggers ABOVE 60% life, one BELOW.
This is the same item!

Please fix.

Screenshot_20181212-194343_Walking%20Dead Screenshot_20181212-194415_Walking%20Dead

Similar thing:
The Balisong change AFTER I have received it - Compare the items of a present and old screenshot:


Idk i cant read German so these look the same to me but if they are not and you purchased the item and it was changed after, this is called bait and switch and you can get your $$$ back :wink:

there is no such weapon that gets the bonus when attacked by a toon with hp less then 60% @JB.Scopely.

One picture stands when opponent has more than 60% hp and at the other less than 60% hp.

Da habe ich noch nie drauf geachtet. Danke! Werde ich jetzt im Auge behalten.

That’s the exact reason why I changed the language to english…Had this confusion too.

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