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Supporters with Crit special ability = Krit Mod Set
Tank with Crit special ability = Def Mod Set + Krit Mod
Medic with Krit special ability = HP Mod Set + Krit Mod
Damage with crit Special Ability = ATT Mod Set + Crit Mod + Crit Damage Mod

Supporters without crit Special Ability = Go after the weapon or alternatively upload the lowest value
Tank without crit special ability = Def Mod Set + Go to Weapon or insert hp or def mod (whichever is lower)
Medic without crit special ability = HP Mod Set + Go to Weapon or insert HP or Def mod (whichever is higher)
Damage without crit special ability = ATT Mod Set + ATT Mod or the median value (If ATT 1, HP 2 and Def 3, then the median value is HP 2) or go to weapon.

Tough characters attack vigilantes and are attacked by fast ones.
Blue needs resistance to stun in an off-team.
Blue needs resistance against (???) in a def team.

Watchful characters attack the strong and are attacked by toes.
Red needs resistance against (???) in an off-team.
So red needs resistance to weaknesses in a def team

Strong characters attack quickly and are attacked by vigilantes.
Green therefore needs resistance against (???) in an off-team.
So green needs resistance against (???) in a def team.

Fast characters attack toughness and are attacked by the strong.
Yellow needs resistance to weaknesses in an off-team.
Yellow needs resistance to stun and / or def down in a def team.

(???) = The mod square bottom right must be set to Rush or Active ability (eg, if someone heals from weaknesses, then resistance to weaknesses and if someone heals from bleeding, resistance to bleeding, etc.)

Always leave the mod space in the middle first and Raiden a couple of times, pay attention to what cost you victory (apart from the fact that your teams are really shit) and add the mod accordingly and try again a few times.
Each character should survive at least 3 rounds in the Off and at least 7 in the Def.

The lazy ones can just watch the latest promotions and see what they have in terms of specialist skills, sound and active abilities, and arm against it.

Always go for the weapon. If the third slot has a value of 150, it must stay that way. AP becomes better AP and Def, HP or ATT at the best possible level. The following applies: Slot 1 has priority, but Slot 2 must be upgraded at least once.
(Note: If you do not like the third slot, the character is scrappy or you do not understand the skill in the third slot)
EXCEPTION: Characters who are helpful in a fight against zombies and have a Krit weapon are given priority in Krit values.

For unattached characters, it helps to go for the third and first slot after the special abilities, sounds, and active abilities.
Harm Chars always need AP when attacking in the middle.
Tanks and medics with 0 - 70 AP need either HP or Def in the middle (the first is the higher and the second the lower value)
Tanks and medics with 70 - ??? AP need AP in defense in the middle (Slot 2)