Genuine care and concern

I know quite a few people are not concerned or taking this COVID-19 stuff seriously but I’m just wanting to say I genuinely hope you and your friends and family stay safe and well during his time. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life and worry for the friends I have made in this game. Take things serious and look out for you family and friends and others in your community like the elderly that might not have someone to look after them. It’s time to realize this is a game and real life happens and is more important in the long run. Good luck all stay safe and well.


Appreciate it man stay safe as well. Our whole family is hunkered down and ready to ride it out.


I have seen much more deadly diseases and things like natural disasters that kill a lot more but you’re right, I haven’t seen people react like this, buying everything and being so paranoid. It is bad as it does kill but people are making it much worse. Buying everything to the point theirs nothing on the shelves and people who require a special diet or elders are effected by people over buying and hoarding. Even under lockdown you can still buy food or even order food, people need to stop clearing entire shelves! Also most young people or people with a good immune system will be fine, more than 90% of people recover. Practice being clean, shower, wash your hands, one thing I don’t do long before all this was shake people’s hands, always thought that was strange and gross and I’m not afraid of germs but idk where your hands have been. A great thing to do is get some sunlight, get that vitamin D.

The issue isn’t so much the virus as it is people’s panic. Stay safe by staying calm and staying clean like you should always do like washing your hands.


Additionally may I add this:

Please be mindful about the measures taken. It might be from your fellow players but also from Scopely. This crisis is bigger than anything most of us have seen and even if we have our own opinion be mindful that your friends and fellow gamers, your neighbor and others might have a different opinion or a different reality.

We are a global community and non of us knows anything about how it is to be in another country than the one we are in ourself. So please don’t project your reality into others because you do not know how their reality is - and it might be quite different than yours.
What seems like a given might not be a given on the other side of the table. What might seem dumb to you might be the reality of the one you are talking to.

So let’s step up and show that we are more than just gamers. That we are people that will do our outmost to help all of us get through this crisis. Pointing fingers or assuming based on own reality serves no purpose.

Millions of people around the world are on one hand trying their best to follow their governments restrictions while at the same time being worried about their children, their parents, their loved ones and their jobs. Their existence… and at the same time they to their jobs to their best ability with the things at hand. But remember that the personal situation might also affect the professional one.
Companies are struggling to survive, to keep their employees and to serve their customers in this very unusual situation. People get sick in vast numbers and it is difficult to get replacements because so many people are hit by this.

So let’s stand together now - think about it before you get angry about a snappy response from a fellow player or a lack of response.
I’m sure we can do this - this is the time to show that there is more to this world than just “me” :blush::blush:

With lots of love and the hope of a return to the world as we know it …



Perfectly said!


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I just think in general this forum and community seems to lack the community part sometimes or any sense of compassion or sensibilities. I’m guilty of taking this game to serious sometimes and some of the comments I saw on their COVID message just showed that we don’t treat the staff or each other as humans sometimes an it’s sad to see when times get stressful we become worse people and not better