Generals during war


Does anyone know what the formula is for being general during war?


Team grade. End of story.


This is wrong.





End of story


Look at that I searched for general and found this…


I honestly don’t understand.

  1. I was always general in 5s Era as I held and had auto filled with the highest Stat toons (camel-toe sandy)

  2. Lost general early into 6s Era as I slow rolled into it while others rushed.

  3. I regained it when I maxed toons to t3

  4. Lost it when others started to t4

  5. Regained it when I started t4ing toons

It is indeed hp+atk+Def (which also determines grade)

I think there is some limited randomizer for those that are really close to one anothers total, but as I have turned on and off being general over all but 1 player in my faction, I am confident the hp+atk+Def is accurate. The player who out generals me runs 5 T4 toons on his defense team. I currently run 3 T4 toons in my team. Most others are sitting on only 1 or 2.

Now what it should be improved although I don’t mind it, some players get stuck with it who have high stats but not a great line up. Perhaps those within 20% of highest on team should all get it randomly selected to them.


All those above plus town hall level factors in as well.


I click on another player name to give my general status to them if they want to be general. Has to be in search mode tho


This has been proven wrong countless times. Tested and tested and “random” when two are close are tied isn’t right because it’s aleays the same person.
My question for this post and the other one made is why does it matter? You can pass general around so who cares who gets it assigned? Don’t like it? Pass it, want it? Ask for it. A faction should be workin to spread the love


Once you reach TH 20 like 99% of the old regions are, can’t call it a factor and i also believe this was disproven before everyone hit 20; but I’m not certain as my whole faction was level 20 by the first war


This is just…wrong.


I have yet to see meticulous accounting of aggregate stats disproving this. Only few statements here or there. I have in the past purposefully maxed toons or kept toons from max to gain or prevent becoming general.

Disprove it with facts please. Keep track as players start T4ing toons and show who is general over whom when players are in and out of queue. Teams need to be saved to register the maximum score for use in general determination. You will find the highest Stat players will indeed be the ones carrying the default general badge. There may be some other identifier factored in, but these a secondary to the total stats.


It’s all on the old forums but frankly, all of this is pointless since general can be passed. Why doesn’t anyone care now?
But just for u, i will keep some stats for u next war :wink:


My original posting is on the old forums but the old forums are gone now.

First is from Jan 2017 and second is from Sept. 2016.

For the 2017 one, the left tables are just data. The column titled “Observed General List” is a ranking of who the generals are in relation to each other. So if Je, A, and I are in the same war, Je will be gen over the other 2. Meaning that of this list, Je outranks the other 7 and Jo and me are never gen. The next column over shows who SHOULD be gen, assuming it’s chosen on top 5 chars. Yes, I know about the top 5 ever made even if you depot a char…no one at the time has ever dep’d a max 5*.

The 2016 one is a bit more confusing since there was a theory at the time that it’s the stats of EVERYONE in your roster, from 2* to 5*, or it only counted T4, etc. Again assuming only top 5, just look at the columns on the right side of the top table, the ones labeled “Top Five Autofill” and “Top 5 Rank”; as well as the first column “Ranking”. “Ranking” again tells you gen priority (Eve and Jopet are always gen). “Top 5 Rank” tells you who SHOULD be gen based on stats, you can see that this isn’t the case.

Yes, this data is old, but I highly doubt Scopely has changed things and to be honest, I don’t want to go through this exercise again since we can now choose generals and the whole thing is moot.


↑ @Katolo was one at the forefront of calling Scopely’s bluff on the original explanation.

It became bloody clear the official explanation was bollocks right around the time S2 teams became possible, when droves of S2 players were still not general ahead of people who physically didn’t have the roster strength to get above S1++.

I don’t get why it matters so much anymore though. Just pass the star…


Not sure but was told when u choose autofill and save the team it will count the number of the stats of the 5toons + the stats of the weapons.
The player with the highest number will be general.


The only thing I’m sure about is that you didn’t read anything that was posted above or in the other two threads linked.

Yes, that is the official explanation. But no, that’s not how it actually works.


No, that is correct, saw the OP post and just replied to that one.


Fair enough. I’m going to quote myself from one of the other threads because it’s the kind of asshole thing I’d do but…


I have more t4 6 stars than others in my faction that are and I’m never gen unless I have someone pass it to me.