General salt about this event

I came in during the ‘hold the line’ event. It was real fun and basically what hooked me to the game. We got 2 roadmaps everyday related to the event. Even our daily missions were based around it and had us working for handcuffs. About half way through, and after exchanging thousands of handcuffs for helmet tokens, I pulled Duane, who i still use to this day. The whole experience was incredibly rewarding. From a noob standpoint, acquiring the advertised toon and getting to pull something (usually gear and trainers) twice daily (or more, if you participated in other tourneys) gave me this wonderful sense of achievement. I was sold.

Now, on to this event. 6 whole weeks where event specific roadmaps are opening once per week? Rifle parts maps opening every few days? And in between, we’re getting regular events thrown at us left, right and centre, back to back. I used to look forward to level up and raid tournaments. Nowadays I just roll my eyes. I don’t understand this backwards slide in quality. They’ve held good events before: you’d think, by now, they’d have it down to an art form.

I’m sitting here wondering why it’s 6 weeks long at all? They could’ve had the related roadmaps opening faster and the whole thing could’ve been done in half the time. Why is it being stretched out when scopley have expended very little effort in making it an immersive, engaging event? We’re just getting the same old tired formula with different, not-really-rewarding rewards.

Feeling a little discontented rn and I don’t know where else to put my feelings.


They’re dragging this event way too long, when it’s a total flop, instead of keeping it shorter and focusing on a good Thanksgiving event (as in farmable tokens, nice toon wheel and stuff like that).

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Don’t worry. At the last few days of the event, they’ll release Faction Assault and a late Thanksgiving event with shit wheel and rewards. Lol

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Oh wow you came during the “hold the line” event I totally feelz your pain. NOT. Try being here from the day the game opened and dealing with everything. From bad pulls where ars weren’t displayed and events were bad. You should be thankful you even came in during the time you did where they have good events end characters given out for free. You shouldn’t expect anything more than what’s been done. It’s the same thing since the beginning.

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