General Explanation Of Forum levels and Roles

Have you ever wondered, what does regular mean or member or leader? How do I become one and what does it include?

After much digging I found out!

I would like to suggest to the moderators @JB.Scopely GR.Scopely @Andrea_Scopely hat they make this information more visible to all members of the community (make it a pinned post) and widen the Scope of this article as not much, from what I’ve researched, has been set out i.e. having more leaders, what criteria there, code of conduct for each level.

There is alot of, “why you doing their Job” questions that have never been answered so I hope this goes to some way of doing that.

Please note, some trust levels can be manually adjusted, this is just a basic and general overview of functions which Scopely have tailored further.

Please see attached links below:

Trust = login based - how often people really don’t like your posts

Except leader… that’s purely administrative

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This info pops up after u make ur account, so yeah most people know

Most people just wanna complaint about buckets so they dont read it

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