Gen 1 toon as special sc box

This must be a joke. You offering gen 1 Morgan for 60 comics and few S-class items? How about Zach, Raven, Dr. Steven’s and atleast 1000 S-class items? Anything less is worthless because of S-class spam.


WAIT WHAT? Shit I might buy SC. But then again shit might not be worth it

Morgan is one of the best. Granted you need diego to go with him but he’s a beast.


Then put Diego in a box lol

Yea he needs to be in the war wheel or some sort of f2p event. He’s a must right now.

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If they are giving us aow for wave 1 and blitz crw for wave 2 and 3 (which they said wasnt possible, more lies) i have no hope for the war wheel at this point as it seems we are being punished for being bad buckets


I still almost feel like that decision was a mistake. Why wouldn’t they want the remaining whales to fight each other? So odd.

Yea idk why they wouldnt just do it by waves again, wave 1 vs wave 1, wave 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3. I never been able to understand their descions tho :man_shrugging: they baffle my mind

Yeah being stuck in a wave 1 region fighting whales all weekend over and over again isnt my idea of fun.
Its a pass for me and some time spent enjoying r/l instead

3 day aow is just such a boring and dead asf format

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Not sure if you’re serious or joking. If serious, why is he a must? Curious as I have him and wondering if I’m not using him right.

He’s an animal… again, he needs the right toons but he’s certainly a huge piece to the puzzle.


I was lucky to get a diego with skull token coins and he made decap alpha a killer, can beat most teams

Why you hide the rest of your team Ricky :rofl: dont want anyone to copy lol

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probably, the rest of the team its very similar to oponent team

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No. It’s not lol. I don’t have any S Class toons.

Ha. It’s not that original lol. Diego and Doc Stevens are in there. Can prob figure out the other two.

Keep on surviving :laughing:

glenn and michone :wink:

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