Gears problems and suggestions!

So …

We all know the problem , and scopely doesn’t do enough efforts to solve it , I don’t know maybe they are busy in something else or maybe they run out of Ideas so , I want to suggests two ideas to solve this problem

1- the amount of ticket to start a fight with a boss should be minimize (like 50% or less for all classes) and add epic and legendary gears to the rewards of defeating Negan ,so players can have fun and get some gears from the depot in the same time .

2 - I’ve notice if you bought let’s say 5 4* gears of type x from league store in week 1 , in the next week you will be able only to buy the one left before it asks for gold ?!?!?
You need to solve this bug , the store should refresh to zero each week
Wish mean I don’t have to see 1 left of gear x if I bought 5 last week , it should be 6 again each week.

In the end scopely even if you did this , I don’t think it’s enough , it’s only a small part of the solution
If you need peoples to spend money for toons , at least give them gears and trainers to max them , but if you want players to spend on toons , gears and trainers players will stop soon or later cause your clients ain’t ATM you know.

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Legendary Gear Map needed. End of discussion.


It’s pretty silly need trainers gear and everything.Well I’m fine right now I can feel the short comings again real soon.It’s absurd to pay for gear and AR trainers.

Making 98 percent of the player base upset to milk the idiotic 2 percent. Typical scopely.

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