Gearmap where is it?


The last Gearmap was only 12 hrs when I complained I was told there would be another 12-hour map by the end of the week the week is over where is our other 12-hour gear map?


They forgot clearly. Add it to the list. :joy:


They moved it to make room for Feast or Famine map. So at least wait till that map is done to complain.


They only. Have 8 road map spaces programmed in.


Complain now??


Yea now is the appropriate time. Let the complaints commence!!!


Someone forgot to press the button again


They sure do drop the ball a lot on the game. Stuff that should be in the game never shows up in it.


Where is the weekly all gear map we’ve been promised after a hundred level up tournament’s in the last month there’s no gear


Don’t think that is up for debate.


“change is comin”


Christmas is coming. :slight_smile:


winter is coming :joy:


Need beanies flaks talkies to progress :frowning:


We really need a elite map. I’m stuck because everything I have that needs levelled needs beanies and thst is one thing I have 0 of. A map of all 3 would be amazballs though :blush:


I know ultra rare gear is the stuff, but where’s the elite gear? I need a single flak jacket to begin tiering my characters again.