Gear, We Need Gear, For The Love Of God Scopely Think Of The Gear

I’m now at the point of having 26 legendary characters at tier 2 or lower, purely because I don’t have the gear to level them up.

It is beyond absurd now that people are encouraged to spend £100 a time for big pulls for the next OP revive/shield to hit premier recruits with no feasible way to level them to the point of being useable.

This isn’t just me having a moan, the vast majority of players I speak with are getting to this point now & the league store along with the few bits we get from FA depot just isn’t enough.

We need a big gear event.


@JB.Scopely where is this at. It was said some time back that gear event coming but still nothing. You will start losing player base if they cant level up 6 star toons.we need gear


Here’s the solution


That is hot shit right there :joy:


Oooo best value!


This is not a perfect solution if u ask me .it depends purely on luck which is crap lately …I will get sometings I dont want or need and still want for more

If you are OK with 100 to get the next op toon , that means you are OK to spend 200 to max him out ,
That’s how scopely see it.

All seriousness though, I was gonna T4 Zeke and another toon. But met a shortage of gear. Was gonna buy gps from League store, but I’m short Practice Dummies and a couple of Tripods. If I buy them from the store I can only T4 One toon… ugh

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Exactly league store is not a solution for gear shortage and f2p will not spend ridiculously for chance at gear


Only thing keeping me in this game are my faction who is like family.


It’s laughable how before we had a few events in a row for gear but they were barely giving out ascendance tokens. Now it’s the exact opposite. Lots of ways to get ascendance tokens but now no gear. Scopely is seriously the worst.


Exactly it isn’t. Over a year ago there was talk about Legendary Gear maps. Couple weeks ago we was told a gear museum event was in the works… this gear shortage across the board is beyond a joke.


I normally dont rant on here but its getting crazy. I have tons of toons to level and several getting ready to ascend and they are going to sit waiting for gear

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Exact same problem mate. Just recently bought Zeke, have another toon I wanna T4 for an attack team. Also just pulled a new 6* that’s stuck at T2 that I wanna use. It’s sickening really.

Not just me then :rofl:

I’ve just spent 7000 League reward point on three tripods to T4 one toon, would need to spend all the rest on knife sheaths to T3 one more.

It’s not enough.

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Anyone who pulls from that gear wheel needs to get their head examined. Like for real. Look at this trash.


Think you need to buy a coin pack to qualify :rofl:

I don’t mind these offers, but it needs to be in conjunction with gear events, not instead of.

Idk, I find it rather funny.
We win lots of epics, maybe even legendaries from yesterdays war… but cannot use them.
really really funny


Amen! :joy:

Artificial supply crashes are REALLY profitable for any monopoly, particularly if demand was pumped up to begin with (like say having a boatload of new toons ready to go!)

VERY profitable! Think Wakanda profitable.

In conclusion: Always Be Hoarding (ABH) and live below your means.