Gear trade in option


Not sure if this has ever been brought up, but seeing as gear seems to be very limited now, have you ever considered possibly creating a gear trade in? For example, Player A has 10 walkies, and 0 School bags. Player A can can trade in 5 walkies for 5 School bags and some food. This would be for all gear that is alike, such as police shields for belt holsters, Beanies for Flak Jackets, and so on. @kalishane


Hi I Like Turtles!

We’re looking into ways to help with this. Possibly a trade of some sort. I don’t think it would be an equal trade as we still want playing to be the primary way for players to get items .

Thank you for sharing I Like Turtles! :slight_smile:


What about trading within our factions, toons, gear


This is a bad idea




Yes, cause no reason, abstract cheating, game is perfect like this etc. Also who would buy offers if you could trade?

Btw, repeating myself - since one of the basic thing of apocalyptic society is trading between such (not in slaves or cards) with gear, material, food should be an option. Global trade would be nice but not needed, faction trade would be ok.


I’d like the option to trade wood for food. The rest i don’t mind working for, but I’m out of anything to spend wood on, so the pop up ‘wood full’ messages are a major pain during raid tournaments