Gear tokens wheel


Another fucking joke. You give us relentless amount of level ups and make a wheel with horrid odds to get the gear we need. How about listening to what the players have been asking for…for idk…since you fucked it up. FARMABLE FUCKING GEAR MAPS. Oh and I don’t know maybe 6* gear maps.


Yea this was a joke full on.

I mean for about as long as it took me to find out it was a gear wheel was about as long as i was thinking about a buck for 5 pulls.

If it were only legendary gear maybe just maybe ultimate gear also then maybe at least the dollar offer but…

Just shy of 50 fucking percent for elite rare gear??? Seriously??? I need some here an there but i promise im certainly not paying even a dollar for that should be obsolete gear.

Just like the 3 toon box. 0.3 and 0.5 for the 5 star…Bahahahhahaa

I mean if that was 3 and 5 percent it would be tough. Do they realize that means 95-97% of the time it would still be crap and nope gotta go under half a %

Stupid ass offers…


I’ve got a really good advice how to never be disappointed with that wheel, don’t pull from it.

You’re welcome


To be fair, we do have those collections


That wheel is hot garbage


Seriously .3% of a chance, are they fkin out of their minds, THANK GOD Google forced these idiots to show odds.


Too hard, I need to complain about something!


the joke is that i bought a second offer with 1200 gear tokens and i only received 400 (200/100), Scamply another nasty joke from me too you feck with those offers


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