Gear Tokens poor implementation

Can someone please explain to me what benefit the recently introduced Gear Tokens have?

The way I see it is they remove the ability to sell gear fir food for level up events (with a few exceptions)

The amount of gears earned through selling are vastly disproportionate to cost to buy gear from the depot.

A police shield sells for 750 but costs 4300?!?! Really what sort of broken economy is that!!


I agree totally broken


Sell 6 get 1 and only 1 in 24 hrs. So even if you are willing to get taken for a ride you can’t even get what you need in a day.


Why would you sell a police shield and buy it back?

And it’s been proven that the exchange rate on food is now pretty much at least equal if not greater than before.

My major gripe is that buying food in 150k increments will send us crazy or give us a bad case of repetitive strain injury before it yields any serious amounts of food


I have no issues with it. You can purchase the food at a relatively similar or more beneficial rate than before. It seems to mostly just have the added benefit of providing the opportunity to get needed gear in a pinch without rng.

Where can you purchase the food?

In the gear depot itself

Not sure if purposefully being obtuse…

Often, yes. But not in this instance. Does your gear depot not include food items to be purchased? Might need to update game if not


This isn’t a food depot it’s “gear depot” lol

Alright forum police, one of his points was a loss of food with the new system which isn’t correct so I was just putting him right.


I get the point about the ratio. Say you want a police shield, but just have scopes. You gotta sell a lot to buy one. Not ideal

But not surprising. 5★ sell at 1/55th of their purchase price from the Supply Depot so the precedence is there.

Imo, a ratio of maybe 4:1 or 5:1 is good. But I have no idea what it actually is

“The way I see it is they remove the ability to sell gear fir food for level up events (with a few exceptions)”

No disrespect intended, but I think you may want to actually verify the accuracy of your insults before making them.


you only show that you do not know what you are talking about, if you can sell everything for food, just use your tokens to buy 10k or 150k of food, so you are talking about more. Now if you talk about the purchase is more expensive than the sale in everything and has always been like this

I was actually able to purchase a few desperately needed items and mostly by selling gear that one can acquire fairly quickly by farming 13.5 or the silver radio road map. Both should net you a pretty nice number of boots and compass fairly quickly. While both are definitely necessary at various stages of leveling they are also both fairly easily obtained. Granted this is only my opinion but it has actually worked out for me without feeling too swindled.

Yes, you can’t exchange 4* gear at a 1:1 ratio. How is that different from the original depot where you get 1,170 SD from a 5* but it costs 55,000 to buy a 5*?

The point is not to charge 1:1, the point is to sell your excess stuff to eventually get what you need.


No one is telling you to sell canteen or gps. Compare it to the regular depot, you wouldn’t sell your 5* just to buy a 4* either, so try to put some logic in your thoughts.

If you really really need a long coat, but you have like 20 briefcases, it would probably be a good idea to sell 6 of my briefcases to get that long coat. So your next argument might be “6 to 1 is a TERRIBLE deal!”. Then don’t do it, just wait until tomorrow to get it from the daily gear road map.

K thanks for the condescension…

I mean concern.

The 100k food is kind of worth it but I adjusted already I’m just selling items there barely used at all to craft parts that’s about it

I’ve been selling battle items, gear and items long time that’s millions in food only I started way back b4 100k xp came out the good old long way of leveling