Gear survey let your voice be heard!


Let ‘me have it boys and gals they asked for our opinion on gear we’ll give it to them!


Told them i had plenty and it was fine how it is.


Lol you jerk


Nope not buying it nice try though

Hmm I went into full detail of how they suck and how they players progression was been halted by the epic gear droughts 1.0 with the take away from the farmable gear map. Then the gear drought 2.0 with the continuation of petty amounts of league tokens with the prices in the store too damn high. Then came the dreaded gear drought 3.0 with the creation of S-Class and their wonderful thought of doubling the gear needed but when you look at it. The cost is way more than doubled. I asked them to explain but I know I’ll get my answer… never.

How’s that?


I didn’t bother, they never listened to all the other surveys I did. So I say fk em


Those surveys are nothing more then a waste of time. Dont matter what you say. They will continue to run the game their way.


Let me give you an old school visual for what they do with your survey answers…



Nah, that would require slight carring. They will just let it lying around until it quite literally disappears by turning into dust.


Great at least you did the survey the people complaining now could have at least put it in the survey :man_shrugging:t5:

Lol I actually did but got bored after the first three questions and closed the survey :joy::joy:. Im a ftp grinder who is picky with who i ascend etc so gear has never been an issue for me.

I got 20% of the way through the survey and realized WTF these guys are just trying to figure out how to monetize gear more effectively. I never finish the survey.

I never thought of it that way stay woke!

That’s true for me too but trainers at least would be nice

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