Gear Supply Depot Frustration

Why would anyone use this if the Ultimate gear map is out daily? This should be changed to allow players to buy legendary trainers, weapons, and special toons.



the only things viable to use this for is to buy food cause well most of us have burned thru our reserves. That’s the only thing I can see worth buying in this screenshot.


Four extreme sales! Count yourself v lucky lol :joy:

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What if it’s a Saturday & there’s a weekend LU (unbelievable I know, but it does happen) & you only have 5 sets of night vision goggles to upgrade a ranged toon?

Would you buy them?

I hate to say this but I have found it very handy at certain times , today for example I was a briefcase and a belt and holster short to upgrade Maggie and Vincent so I could send them on a ygl before it disappeared knowing there is a faction level up starting tomorrow. The prices are ridiculous but if u are short just one item and it’s in there u get to save some world energy and time.


A weapon will occasionally show up in the Supply Depot. I could really use a Deagle. Sadly, the weapon I actually need never shows up. Better yet, there should be a Depot for weapons. Sell a couple of 3⭐ weapons for Weapon Markers that can go towards needed parts or weapons themselves. When you think about it, any weapon rare and up is FAR too rare to find that a large and a med drop leader combined can’t find it on the stage with the highest drop rate. As far as trainers and toons go, the other Depots have you covered.

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one school bag gives u over 2m worth food so thats a reason too use it.

1 benie or flack is 300k worth.

You can actually send them anyway, as long as you don’t collect it b4 levelling them up.

I know but I’m a bit ocd and I like to have them upgraded before but I do send them off sometimes and then work on the gear but that has backfired once or twice when I forgot to actually get the gear.

Started a new account, it’s actually more possible to beat the new daily gear map than it is to get to stage 8 of the campaign, where yellow helmets drop

So I use the gear map to get bags and walkies, sell those, and buy helmets. Maybe that’s the intention? To help brand new players?

They should increase number of ultra gear avalible in gear depo