Gear shortage needs to be addressed

Scopely, we need a way to get more gear. Otherwise people might not pull anymore since they cant level the new toons up anyway
I recently finished doing s class araav, but guo and wangfa are still not s class because of gear shortages. When u sell ur next s class, these will be a factor in purchase decisions


Scopely has answered your prayers all you have to do is pay for the bloody shirts and you shall receive gear. Now make sure to thank scopely for listening. Hopefully the sarcasm is bleeding out of this comment.


They know. They can see how much gear people have, and how much people spend.

The fact that gear still seems to be in short supply, at least for some people, is evidence that their data suggests the money they can make through gear sales is more than the money they lose out on from people not doing pulls. At some point this will change, and gear will flow more freely.


Exactly. Stop pulling smh


Defo I see no reason for anyone other than huge Whales to pull anymore, thus system is pathetic

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Yeah the tshirts are nice. Finally got the levelling going again. I hope they bring back those crates with chance for 2x gps or 2x canteen, it cost only a few coins, it was quite a good price.

Personally, I’m flush with gear. I don’t pull pretty much ever though (Did one pull for the Halloween event, and a 50 from saved gold during the Build Your Team event, that’s my only premier pulls this year. Before Build Your Team, the last one was the 7 days free SC, and before that a 10 pull during the first fast Shiva promo, when I urgently needed supply depot markers).

Scopely will have the rewards in cycles, so that they can maximize spending. The only way out is to grind hard and manage your resources. Delaying your pulls until gear is plentiful won’t do anything, that’s what they expect anyway. By that time people will feel like they’re behind, so it’s time to pull pull pull and then the gear will again be gone soon.

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