Gear Shortage is back

I don’t know about everyone else but these new S-class toons have totally wiped me out of gear, as per Scopes creat something but never look at the consequence. If you introduce a toon that needs 5x as much gear then the natural course should mean you increase availability of gear 5x🤷🏼‍♂️


The majority of the game economy is still in the 4 star era, aside from gear which is in the 5.5 star era.


Yep. This whole leveling two six stars just to get the S class and then the amount needed for the S class is beyond stupid. I swear, there’s no way they play this game.


I find it amusing that I have crazy amounts of 6* stuff but running very low in 4 and 5 star items

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Gear shortage never went away


That’s my thought

I’m low on gear and League Points

2,331 League Points

0 Walkie Talkies

0 Scopes

2 Sports Gauntlets


0 Canteens

0 Weapon Tripods

0 Magazine Bandoliers

1 Knife Sheath

1 Whetstone

0 Topographic Maps

1 School Bag

0 Alpenstocks

0 Gas Masks

1 Flak Jacket

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Sounds like a personal problem


Resource management problem.

I have 485,000 league tokens

126,000 season tokens

Dozens of the choice crates for gear.

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I only ever spend league tokens or use gear when I have to but okay :woman_shrugging:

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For me and I’m sure others too, the gear stranglehold/shortage never went away :joy: :man_shrugging:
I know it’s one the main reasons why 90% of my 6* roster has remained stagnant at tier 3 and why we’ve had to be extremely selective on who we 6*.
The ridiculously disgusting amount of gear needed for Shite Class hasn’t affected me yet as I only have 1 Shite Class, James and he’s still sitting at tier 2.

But you’re right, the amount of gear is horseshite and they need to drastically reduce the amounts needed and increase the amount available. But we all know they won’t do anything about it, bc spoiler, they don’t give two shites about the game or the players sns


Same. I don’t go crazy.

You think that’s bad. I set up a little mini so I could smirk as my old region died and couldn’t level up toons because there were no roadmaps for ammo belts. Not seen one for weeks. Yet they still give out radios as rewards for roadmap stages… Wouldn’t have been so bad if Zhu had been a must have and grindable to achieve.

I had that amount x2 but maxed out Pete and Priya and boom it’s all gone, no point chasing another S-class through LU raid Sr because they will just sit there now🤷🏼‍♂️

That’s another problem if your going for a S-class you got to start buying that gear now and every week if you can

Is there a list somewhere of how much of what you need? Need to start saving up for the future.

not mine but an idea

Don’t think I’ve seen that before. I knew they’d require more but…That is ■■■■■■■ insane…

I’ve stopped chasing S-class now, what’s the point maxed 2 and I’m empty and I had a lot of gear, scopes surely must realise more gear would increase sales/spend🤷🏼‍♂️ @GR.Scopely

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