Gear Roadmaps Please

I think the new gear roadmap is great…as long as it is paired with the regular old roadmaps as well. We really need a regular roadmap that we can farm…at least once per month. Like right now would be good :slight_smile:

With all of these level up events we need our gear to be able to hit those crazy high milestones.




true, I like this gear map 2.0 but we need farm map. We need 18x ultra rare gear for one ascendable character. With new map 4 gear/week and take a lot of time.

I think we need old gear map/2 weeks

Can release every Saturday rare/ultra rare gear map in turn

I need a regular gear map. I have 4 rebels at lvl 70 t3 I can’t level. I ran the gear map several times hoping t get lab coats and got none besides the 1 promised. We need regular gear maps at least 2x a month so we can stock up on the gear u need 18 of to get a toon ascended and upgraded. Even without we still need gear to t4 our 5*. I don’t understand what is so hard about providing a gear map? Why is made into some kind of end all be all thing. Just rotate between the 2 maps. Have it show up on same day every week in rotation. What is the problem I just don’t see it. Adding gear to fill in prizes isn’t the same. The point of the gear map is to grind for what u need. I have no citizens at the moment so I don’t need to farm hard for that geat. I do have rebels though so I can grind that Level. I really am starting to believe that this company wants players to quit so they can just shut down the game that’s the only explanation I can come up with that makes any sense anymore.

They won’t change back now as this is the new “Meta…” has been for a while. Force folks to ascend and then hold back said gear needed.

This game is dying…



Not sure why they would flood the game with gear. Never have. Why start now?

Gear was at least farmable. Not like this joke of a gearmap we currently have.

And tbh it is. People quitting in droves, a lot of competition is down.


Everyone used to complain about needing walkies and school bags, they sold gear for food and now they have no gear. When was the last time something went “back to the old way” or got reversed. The new gear map is a welcome change and due to the number of responses it won’t be changing anytime soon.

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