Gear roadmaps fyi

The new gear roadmaps not really being faramable is so lame. Just my 2 cents.


Super lame, more two cents


@kalishane can you please tell the team to keep the gear map the way it is, but just allow us to farm the gear we need just like originally. Mystery bag sucks, and a no go, so please have gear drop from stages again. Come on… It’s the holidays.

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It’s better then no gear map at all … you guys shouldn’t be complaining about this

Very lame, another two cents

Hey please have them fix or atleast meet us half way and make farmable. Even if not as common.
I truly miss the old way.
The new way is great because i use the depot for what i need up to t4.
But its gonna suck for f2p users


Yes we should! We should organise. Create a hashtag. Mobilise, and PICKET SCOPELY HEADQUARTERS!

Okay, maybe not that severe. What we do need to do is, communicate clearly what we as players want.



They never said they weren’t gonna have the old style rodmaps anymore so people,are getting upset over nothing right now

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They could put it to rest by you know showing that they will be continuing the traditional style map.

Players are right to be skeptical. How often have they given us the head fake?



That’s fair to say. But what if people say nothing, and the new roadmaps DO replace the old ones? Once it’s done, it’s done. I’m not talking about rioting in the streets here. Just about voicing what we as a community want. At least if we do that and the worst happens, Scopely can’t then say that the community asked for it. Like some kind of stat buff or something.


Pst. I said showing not just saying. There’s a long list of statements that have never been followed through with.


All I’m saying is it should still be faramable for the gear on any given stage not just for work gloves etc… or let’s face it a pretty impossible chance at a bag.

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Current maps mean I’ll have as many Army Walkies as I do Camp stoves. It’s ever so slightly mental.

These daily gear maps are a great addition as long as it’s in conjunction with the old maps, not instead of.

Hope 2.1 gearmap will be better. I’d be happier if thay made it famable scrap the radios put this map up on every Thursday combine it with the Thursday gearmap like 4 acts make the lot unlocked and farmable once a week. :hugs: it’s done then. It’s an easy fix can’t see what’s so hard about it :thinking:

And while there at it update the rest of the daily maps (even the wood one) as it’s good for New players.

Don’t even need to scrap them, They can just reset them & make bronze radios for rare & elite gear and then have silver radios for ultra rare & epic gear.

That would also free up all that space on the roadmap for other stuff.

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No, I am a firm believer with scopley seeing is believing. I know we will eventually get the old school ascendable but not when they said.
But on gear map, without old style of maps lvl ups will become pointless.
6 ultra, 6 epic pieces a week. Awesome brah you can what go t3 at end of the week after the lvl up event…
It’s not like we don’t have a lvl up event 72 times a week…
Im literally having to waste sd points on gear cause of this.
The only thing these maps help with are beanies, flaks, bags and walkies

Yep or this and make gold radios legendary gear. You get set time to farm it like the other radios. You could buy or win them in tournaments. We should get jobs in live ops maybe we could turn this game around.

Thay could really simplify this whole fiasco :face_with_hand_over_mouth: no wait that’s swearing :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. Lol support f2p also really dirty word my bad :sushing_face: