Gear roadmap no experience?

no experience in gear road map today? Or is this a bug


Same thing happened with the parts map last week. Weird

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Yeah I just came here for this problem. It was the same with parts map and the post for that didn’t get a response I don’t believe.


No xp for me either, was at 17% before and after running map stage

Did something change? Why are we not getting XP from Ultimate Gear on Roadmaps??

There have already been a couple of threads for this, unfortunately no one seems to care :frowning:
Sent a ticket to support a couple of days ago ( it was the same with the parts map that was up previously) and haven’t heard back…

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Screenshot_20180424-130619c’mon scopely this is 2 days in a row, wats going on with gear maps not giving experience @kalishane

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I’m just glad it’s up twice a week. The best way to get xp is just by completing every single sr tournament on legendary. You will get to 125 in no time.

imageWas it intentional that we don’t get exp when running the ultimate gear map stages?

It’s working now for me

Still no XP from the parts map

I noticed it as well

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