Gear roadmap farming stage 2

Original post redacted, stage 2 is now where you farm the good stuff. The forum comes through with the right info yet again

Survivor road map should be updated too

Umm, your problem being? You asked for the map being farmable - it is. Drops 5 to 7 gear pieces per replay, you just have to replay stage2 (has 4 waves), not the last two (have just one wave each).

hold the phone, stage 2 is now the farming one :thinking:

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ill be damned, how did this come to light?

Your feedback was heard and addressed. Now say “Thank you, Scopely”.

Also thanks for the quills and arrows :wink:


Indeed, our prayers have been answered. Thank you scopely, for listening to community feedback.

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I’m not saying thank you as Scopes have given me an unusable gift (the arrows part). I had 7 and 3 runs left, so assumed I’d get 1 more golden run…

Gifted 10, then opened 10 and 2 and still have 1 run left. So I’m going to end up with 10 arrows that I can’t use and for once it’s not because I horded/mis-calculated it’s because the golden map only refreshes every 12 hours and they give a gift away at a point where it may not be used. Same old Scopes

It used to be a guaranteed 7. They reduced it for 3 weeks to 1. Now they have upped it to 4 or 5 (usually 4)… And we are supposed to be grateful.

I haven’t been farming the map in the past. Only because @undeadjohn1234 was adamant about upping the drop rates again I bothered to observe the drop rate. Got 7 on the initial run and 5 on the replay (didn’t replay a 2nd time). If the average is far below, then tough luck :confused:

@Stuberto, OK, so you don’t like the arrows, how about the 40 quills? If it didn’t help you to get anything better (and you got the paw already) it was at least worth a Brady…
I’m thankful, because with the unsolicited arrows I got to run the quill map for a 3rd time, and with the 40 quills ended at 202 - just to get the paw. I previously was at 9 arrows, so I completed the map a 4th time for an extra 122, so I got a box and Brady… if it weren’t for the gift, I’d have 162 quills, so two boxes…

It used to be 7 for 3 energy. Now it’s 5 for 4 energy.

I still have work to do.

Sent on this request:
The original Thursday gear map would give a total of 7 shirts and gloves for 3 energy after the initial run. It seems the gear map has been tweaked so it gives more than 1, and that’s appreciated, but it’s still a nerf compared to the original map because we get 5 per run and the run is 4 energy now. Perhaps an easier solution would be going to a 2-wave roadmap (so we at least farm a few survivors) and adding in a bag/crate/RNG box to the drops that gives 10 shirts/gloves with a sufficient drop rate?


I just don’t know why they make these decisions to nerf anything that the community counts on. Even the communists don’t micromanage an economy this hard. It boggles the mind to try and reason out why a software company so consistently makes its game harder to enjoy.

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I’m not going to cry about it, it’s just annoying and eroded any good will from the gift. I’m glad it benefitted some people but I’d prefer the 600 coins back I spent on bags to get enough arrows to run the map, as they were a waste now.

600 coins for a Brady, hmm, that feels like a genuine offer in the shop.

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