Gear roadmap drops lowered dramaticly

So I have completed the roadmap and got my walkie and school bag I have not had a single bag drop with Rosa and drop leads on every stage. That’s at least 20 items of gear less than I would normally get.
Anyone think this logic works the only hope for keeping this game going is new players in older regions and this will seemingly make it completely impossible for people trying to catch up without buying gear.
Anyone see scopelys logic here I am so lost!

Their logic is pretty easy to see. Gear offers don’t create income for them because we typically farm gear maps. So they have made farming gear maps no longer viable in order to generate income without actually communicating to their player base these changes.

The end result is these shady tactics by scopely’s decision makers is just going to make more people quit. More piss poor decision making by scopely.

Under promise, over deliver…a simple business practice that would do wondera for scopely but they have no interest in the players satisfaction.


this is a new gear map!
i’ll have more info shortly.

I burned a few cans when the map first opened. I received 0 drops. That never happens.

No, the ultimate gear map isn’t new. We’ve had it plenty of times before.

Never did it work like this.

Cost more energy on rare gear stages, the drops are incorrect. It’s a mess!!!

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So they reduced energy for the ultra rare gear stages but increased energy on rare gear stages, lol. It’s always something. I wonder if that’s why they didn’t give out drops smh… Lol. Madness.

Lmao good map? I dunno what u are smoking but pass it my way

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No worries youll get gear maps weekly…

Didn’t say we would get any of the gear we need but in fact it will be “available”

Dont try fixing stuff that isnt broken…
Focus on fixing the broken stuff…

Makes no sense. None.


One question on topic - did anyone get any extra gear except ones that were guaranteed for finishing stage?

“Guys like I’ve said before, we have a lot of new faces around the office and someone new in the driver’s seat.”

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I got the mystery bag. It had a school bag in it.

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Check this out…

Nerfed is an understatement


So chances are extra reduced, cool

you can say 0 chances to get any kind of gear except the one shown there

I’ve finished it, not one bag drop, nor any gear other than the gear you get from completing the stage. By far one of the worst map ideas I’ve seen, not worth farming whatsoever

What did the school bag have in it? Please say another bag


You can put your weekly gear map were the sun doesnt shine. #fck the players first!!!

I ended up with 2 mystery bags. 1 waist toolpack & 1 journal. In other words wasted nrg & time.

More like WASTE toolpack