Gear reward bags - this is how we want it


No gearmaps in sight. And we still only get 1 piece out of the 14 needed when we are “rewarded” with these bags…


1 piece of random gear always kills me :joy::joy:

And it should contain 6* gear like canteens. Or canteens and GPS should be milestones.

But they don’t give us what we’d like, they do the opposite. Always have always will.


I find it frustrating when I receive gear bags with the latest upgradeable items and I’m still stuck back with needing flak jackets and beanies to get my characters up that far


Well I didn’t state we want more than one of the bags :wink:
But we do. We want a few please.


Instead of x6 or each item x1 of each item + flak & beanie for elite gear or walkie & sch bag for ultra rare. This would make these bags actually worthwhile