Gear poll, map or depot?


Il make this simple assume there is no change to the gear depot a it currently released in beta , i.e no 6* gear or higher tier gear (lets face it asking for feedback when you are releasing it i a few days suggests there will be no change)
what would you prefer to see?

  • Return of the Farmable gear map
  • Gear token depot

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Some thoughts on the current gear map w/ poll
9.2.0 Update Discussion

I believe there is no doubt what players want.


Also there is no doubt they won’t do a thing.


both… yes


Well this poll is interesting, perhaps scopley should do some research of their own occasionally


We dont need the old maps. We never knew when they would show up and we were at the rng mercy for extra bags, walkies, flaks, and beanies.

What we need is for them to lower the cost down to one of the items for every tier. So instead of 6 goggles it should only cost 1. If this were to happen then the new maps would be perfect. Then we need them to remove the 1st part since its redundant and lower the cost to run each stage to 3 and lower the waves down to 1. How do you expect newer players to complete this daily?

What we need is way less farming and grinding out for stuff so we can spend more time playing the game. There is nothing fun about farming. Nothing.

Of course this will never come to pass since most people here seem to love the farming aspect and lets not forget scopes new plan to nickle and dime the hell out of us. Keep surviving! :wink:


Bumping this


Lowering items seems like to much work, lets be clear here im not on about scraping current gear maps, either to make it drop lik a classic gaer map or run the og gear amp a couple of times a month.

Also i much prefered the old gear maps of the new constant maps, being short on walkies and bags is much better than persona gear as you only neded to get one of them to be able to tier up a character and with suitable farming i never encountered this problem , right now though i am miles behind on hunter gear as it seems half the 6* are hunters and my stash of well over 80 simply vanished into them


I could argue this. Before I hit prestige 10 and had the scav mission I was always hurting for beanies. At one point was at 3 beanies to 31 flaks. Talk about shitty “rng”. (rng is in quotes because I know the game was cheating :wink:

I would totally be fine with the old maps returning in addition to the new “improved” maps. Especially if they were weekly and we knew exactly when they were available so we could plan for it as opposed to when they felt like it.

Hear that. Every freaking toon is a hunter. Getting low myself and I went into the new maps with all my gear at around 60-80 myself. Things are gonna get violent once everyone is completely out. It takes far to long to grind this crap out and that was my point in lowering the cost to 1. That way 1 run gets you the ability to level 1 toon. We know this will never happen because the goal is for us to run out of gear. They think people will resort to spending 25 bucks on the crappy gear “deals”.

I wont. When the well runs dry I will stop playing. It’s that simple. I will coast as long as I can and then retire.


They’ll listen to that 5% cause as of right now since they are the “true” voice of everyone here.


Nah, who needs accurate interpretations of feedback when you can cherry pick the suggestions that make the most amount of people uncomfortable.


Do we really have a choise here, because they never told us about the plan before putting man hours into it.




I don’t see why they don’t put the Ultra Gear Maps back up. They could actually make more money by running the Ultra Gear Map, Epic and Legendary Gear Maps, as well as Offers for both and a Gear Depot.

I seriously don’t understand Scopely’s mindset. A happy customer will always want to continue spending money on your product. People will stop spending when they’re not able to upgrade the characters they’ve paid for.


We need to sell 10 beanies to buy one single piece of 5* gear wtf??? Useless and ridiculous.
Update the already existing depots and once again dont try to fix whats not broken and bring back old map.


Seems this forum is only for an opinion of what we want, and they slap it out there with a price tag. Actually pointless giving any sort of feedback if it just gets ignored time and time again. And then the ‘dreaded delete and ban’


just giving a little bump, please take into acount food is now in the depot so change your vote if necassary


Food in the new Depot doesn’t change that the old meta was better then this new one they’re pushing on us.


Don’t worry guys.

After alot of feedback we definetly think everyone wants the Un-nerfed 6 stars.

This game is some epic treachery yo.
The lies and the deceit is unfucking real.

And the most fucked up part… is I would gladly drop money if the game was more respectful about it.

how to Cancel your income master doctorate. Good “job” scopely
you fucking brominated flame retardants.